700R4 4L60E Super Servo Offers the most holding capacity in 2nd gear. Number K012

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700R4 / 4L60E Super Servo. Offers the most holding capacity in 2nd gear.

700R4, 4L60E high performance intermediate billet servo. This Superior / Fairbanks servo has 35% more holding power (fluid apply area) than the Corvette servo found on other brands. It’ll give a firmer 1-2 and 2-3 shift. Can be installed without removing the transmission or valve body.

This Problem Solver deals with these problems: * Sluggish performance when positive shift is demanded * Lack of holding power in 2nd

1. Voted as One of Transmission Digest’s “10” Best Products for 1997. 2. Largest apply area available for 700-R4. 35 percent more apply area than the Corvette servo. 3. Super positive 1-2 shift. 4. Quicker servo release on the 4-3 downshift. 5. Positive 3-2 kick down. 6. Adjustable pin tip included to set perfect band clearance. 7. Great for heavy service, towing, racing and off-road. 8. Also can be installed on the 4L60E. 9. Kit contains two-piece 6061-T6 billet aluminum piston set with three piece steel washer set, servo clip, servo pin extender, custom return spring and four piece Teflon sealing ring and O-ring set.


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