K017 700R4 Hydraulic Torque Converter Lock Up Offers 5 lock-up Speed Choices

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700R4 Hydraulic Torque Converter Lock Up Offers 5 lock-up speed choices.

700-R4 Hydraulic Lock-up Package, works on 1982 to 1989 valve bodies only. The Fairbanks hydraulic lock-up package allows you to engage lock-up automatically without the computer. Non-toggle switch activated, it comes with 5 custom calibrated springs so you can vary the point at which your torque converter actually locks-up.


* The lock up valve and sleeve was used in early valve bodies 81 thru 86. The later valve bodies, 86 thru 89, kept the valve bore, but were non-functional. 90 thru 93 valve bodies were produced without the valve bore. As long as the bore is in the valve body, the hydraulic package will apply. * This kit includes 5 different springs giving 5 select lock up speed choices. * This kit includes all valves necessary. * It allows non-electrical operation of lock up. * No more searching through cores looking for the inner valve.


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