6R80 Exedy EFK291HP2STL Stage-2 Master Kit Mustang up to 1,000 RWHP with Overhaul kit 2009-2014 (no pistons)

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# S2EX. Exedy Stage 2 6R80 Master Kit with clutches, steels and overhaul kit is our answer for the daily driven mustang up to 1,000 RWHP. This Kit has been proven time and time again in 800-1,000 HP vehicles lasting an entire season. These clutches and steels are designed to throw whatever that Coyote can throw at it. This kit was designed to be a drop in replacement for the factory clutch packs. These clutches have been tested in a 1,000 HP mustang for the last NMRA season and as you see in the teardown video below look great after an entire season of racing. It is highly recommended that you have your vehicle tune modified when using the clutches allowing you to take full advantage of this state of the art friction and steel module. This same Kit also works in the ZF6HP26, for you European hot-rodders. Master Kit with gaskets and seals.

HP2STL= High Performance Stage-2 with steels and upgraded friction clutch material. Friction clutches and mating steel plates have a thinner thickness and higher quantity to increase torque holding capacity.

Stage -2  –  1000+ Rear Wheel HP

  • Record Setting –  In cars running 8.70’s -consistently-
  • Increased clutch surface – 40% above stock
  • Upgrade your motor with confidence
  • No modifications necessary to install
  • High heat tolerance – Prepared for serious horsepower
  • Handles extremely high torque loads
  • Thinner Clutches and Steels increase clutch count
  • Custom Hardened snap rings included


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Dimensions 24 × 16 × 7 in