6L90 Red Stage-1 Clutch Module with Two GPZ Z Paks Raybestos Number RCPS-24

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6L90 Red Stage-1 Clutch Module with Two GPZ Z Paks Raybestos Number RCPS-24. For high-stress driving enhanced performance applications, heavy-duty vehicles, commercial vehicles, daily driven vehicles and as a problem solution for 3-5 Reverse and 4-5-6 clutch failure.

Raybestos Powertrain GM 6L90 GPZ Clutch Pack contains upgraded friction components manufactured with high-strength Stage-1 friction material for high temperature durability. for ultimate stress and high temperature durability. This kit also includes the 3-5 Reverse Z Pak and 4-5-6 Z Pak with GPZ friction material to provide solutions to common 6L90 transmission failure points. Z Paks are completely redesigned single-sided clutch systems that outperform OE in torque and heat capacity, without coning.


6  1-2-3-4 Stage-1, 6  2-6 Stage-1, 7  4-5-6 Stage-1, 6  Low/Reverse Stage-1, 1  3-5 Reverse Z Pak (1  3-5 Reverse Steel, 5  3-5 Reverse ID Spline GPZ, 4  3-5 Reverse OD Spline GPZ, 1  3-5 Reverse DS OD Spline GPZ), 1  4-5-6 Z Pak (1  4-5-6 Apply Plate Steel, 1  4-5-6 Reaction Plate, 7  4-5-6 SS ID Spline GPZ, 6  4-5-6 SS OD Spline GPZ, 1  SS OD Spline Thin GPZ)(use with steel module part number: 000617)

  • Re-engineered clutch pack design
  • Takes heat without coning
  • Perfect for every rebuild including heavy duty
  • Eliminates coning under high stress
  • Increases transmission durability
  • GPZ material outperforms OE materials by as much as 20%
  • Made in USA with GPZ & Stage-1 material

Friction Material Type:

Stage-1 frictions are not limited to performance, but also enhance heavy duty applications by increasing holding capacity, while being able to withstand higher temperatures associated with towing heavy loads. Raybestos Stage-1 Performance frictions are the best choice for street rods, tuner cars and mild street strip applications. Raybestos Powertrain GPZ friction plates greatly increase transmission performance and durability. This state-of-the-art friction material far exceeds OE material to withstand high stress, high temperatures and repeated cycling. GPZ’s outstanding performance benefits are perfect for heavy-duty vehicles and high-stress driving. Testing of GPZ revolutionary friction material shows that it outperforms OE materials by as much as 20%. Plus, its performance improves as the power increases.


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