6L80E 6L90E Raybestos Stage-1 Red Clutch and Kolene Steels Level 2 High Performance Combo Kit

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6L80E 6L90E Raybestos Stage-1 Red Clutch and Kolene Steels Level 2 High Performance Combo Kit.

#6l80MK Pterodactyl #2. This complete 6L80E rebuild kit is a perfect upgrade to street/strip vehicle. This 6l80E kit contains everything you will need to rebuild your transmission to a much improved version of Stock unit. We Started by using Raybestos Red clutch kit that contains stock thickness Raybestos High Red clutches. The clutches are stock thickness and double sided. This kit uses Raybestos 6L80E #RCPS-189 Raybestos 6L80 Stage-1 Red friction Module Kit and #STMGM-06K 6L80 Kolene steel clutch module listed above. 

This rebuild kit also includes the Sonnax Zip kit. The ZIP kit addresses many of the issues inherent with this unit, and it  also includes the larger boost valve that allows you to achieve 300 psi on your 6l80E unit. This larger 6L80E boost valve is necessary to keep your 3-5-R and 4-5-6 Clutch packs living in this unit.  We made sure we addressed the issues with the input shaft and hub, replacing it with our billet one. This eliminates all the hub dampener failures we have seen lately. We also include the Sonnax 4-5-6 piston special piston and backing plate. This new machined piston and backing plate helps with the coning that wants to occur with the 4-5-6 clutch circuit by giving you a much wider apply base. The pump slide spring is also included for high rpm situations and keeps the pressure stable throughout the RPM range. This combo kit also includes a 6L80E Torrington thrust bearing kit, as well as a bushing kit for the unit. New high flow wide mouth 6L80E filter and High Performance 6L80E overhaul kit that includes all the gaskets and seals needed to rebuild your 6L80E transmission.

stmgm-06k_raybestos_6l80e_steel_module.jpg (10727 bytes)                6L80E 6L90E Shaft 

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