104740-01 6L80E / 6L90E, Oversize Boost Valves

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104740-01 6L80E / 6L90E, Oversize Boost Valves.

104740-01 GM 6L45, 6L50, 6L80, 6L90 boost valves provide feedback pressure to their respective clutch regulator valves, helping control apply and release of the clutch. Pressure control solenoid fluid pressure reacts with the valve to control the amount of fluid exhausted from the clutch regulator valve. Wear in the valve bore can result in harsh clutch apply and various shift complaints. Sonnax oversized clutch boost valve 104740-01 allows the bore to be refurbished and restores hydraulic integrity for proper control of the clutch feed circuit. Each vehicle has 3.

Features & Benefits

• Valve is hard coat anodized to reduce wear
• The Sonnax valve fits tighter with extended surface contact and annular grooves

You need this if :

Vacuum tests at the ports indicated fail to hold at least 16 in-Hg. Valve body casting is stamped with “lettered” locations on the far side of the core. When testing “B” or “F” location, block exhaust hole on far side of core.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 5 in


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