6L80 4-5-6 Powerglide Style 45 Tooth One Piece Clutch Hub and Intermediate Shaft, Sonnax Number 104680-45

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6L80 Extreme Duty 4-5-6 Powerglide Style 45 Tooth One-Piece Design Clutch Hub and Intermediate Shaft. Sonnax Number 104680-45. OE Part Number 24238004. For use with Sonnax steels and Powerglide-style 45-tooth frictions.

The ideal upgrade for performance vehicles with the GM 6L80 transmission, Sonnax extreme duty 4-5-6 clutch hub and intermediate shaft 104680-45 guarantees maximum protection against shaft breakage. The unique hub design improves oil flow and accepts Powerglide-style frictions to optimize clutch durability.

In place of the two-piece shaft/hub, Sonnax uses a much stronger, one-piece design that eliminates the OE assembly’s weak, welded connection. The one-piece design is custom forged from ultra high-strength 300M billet steel, then heat treated and shot peened for added durability. This combination of features guards against broken 4-5-6 hubs and the risk of rear splines shearing off — chronic failures in performance cars and trucks as well as heavy commercial vehicles.

The 4-5-6 clutch is released in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Gears, and at high RPMs, constant oil flow is required across the clutch frictions to prevent heat build-up and damaged clutches. The unique upgraded design of the Sonnax hub doubles oil flow to the clutches for significantly more protection against heat build-up and clutch failure, especially compared to other aftermarket shafts that reduce oil flow.

Since Powerglide-style, 45-tooth frictions are a popular 6L80 upgrade due to their wider friction surface, this extreme duty shaft features that style of smaller-diameter hub. For best performance, use with Sonnax custom steels 104120-01, 104120-02 and BorgWarner high energy frictions 104120-03. Installation of Sonnax extreme duty 4-5-6 clutch hub and intermediate shaft requires the use of Sonnax high-capacity 4-5-6 piston apply kit 104960-20K.

  • Rugged, one-piece design eliminates the weak connection where two-piece hub/shaft assemblies fail
  • High-strength, 300M steel forging is heat-treated and shot-peened for maximum durability
  • Doubles oil flow to the clutch pack for greatly improved resistance to heat and longer clutch life
  • Designed for use with Powerglide-style, 45-tooth frictions and Sonnax steels
  • Eliminates OE dampener

Reference instructions for clutch stack up recommendations.

  • Material: 300M
  • Tooth Count: 45-T Powerglide-style hub spline


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