68RFE Extreme Duty RAM 68 Super Master Combo Kit, Level 3

$ 3580.00

Converter Core Charge ? *


# 68SMCK. Now you can build your own 68RFE RAM 68. It comes with everything pictured below plus both filters. You get the triple clutch billet torque converter with a low stall billet aluminum stator, our extreme duty low / reverse roller clutch, Alto Red Eagle Master Kit with molded pistons and two Power Packs plus Kolene steels (128903HP), Sonnax line pressure booster and a Transgo #45SK Shift Kit. As a final touch the PATC Billet 68RFE input shaft has been added. The price reflects a 10% discount.

Master Kit  128903HP, Torque Converter  68B, Roller Clutch  68RC, Pressure Booster  RFE-LB1, Shift Kit  T72165, Billet Input Shaft  299600.

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There will be a $275.00 core charge added to all Dodge diesel torque converters.

Combo Kit Rules: It doesn’t get any better than this folks, now you can have your parts and save money too. You may be eligible for other discounts on any parts needed for your rebuild, if you buy them at the same time as the master rebuild Combo Kit. Torque converters can be deducted from any Combo Kit at the price charged in that kit and you’ll still receive the same discount rate on that kit. Any other parts for that type transmission can be added to a Combo Kit at the same discount rate for that kit, if not already listed as an add-on / upgrade for that kit. There are no discounts given on fluids, books, DVD’s or crossmembers.

Build your own Combo Kit: Buy any 4 part numbers for the same type transmission at the same time that totals $500.00 or more and receive a 10% discount on those parts. Any one of the 4 part numbers must be at least $30.00 each.

Additional information

Weight 107 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in