68RFE 2C Clutch Torqkit 2007-On # RTK-6802A. This TorqKit has 33% more clutch apply area.

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68RFE 2C Clutch Torqkit 2007-On # RTK-6802A. This TorqKit has 33% more clutch apply area over stock plus GPZ clutch material with much more holding power. RTK-6802A Replaces RTK-6802

Raybestos Powertrain Chrysler 68RFE 2C TorqKit Drop-In Module GPZ features increased capacity utilizing our GPZ material and one additional friction plate and steel reaction plate than the OE design. The re-engineered RTK-6802A 2C Torqkit provides greater durability than the OE design and replaces part number RTK-6802.


4 2C GPZ Clutches,  4 2C Steel Plates

With the age of electronic controls and computers extra power on your diesel rig is now easier than ever with the touch of just a couple of buttons and a small hand held programmer. These huge torque monsters seem to be flooded with all the bells and whistles of a teenage boys desire for the ultimate toy. Unfortunately this huge torque monsters with big nasty wheels and tires do come with some downfalls. The added stress of larger wheels and tires along with the monster torque numbers that accompany it you can easily see how this could wreak havoc on a transmission. Let the havoc be ended now and feel comfortable the next time that Cummins or Powerstroke pulls up beside you.

As technology has advanced through the years so has the friction industry. In the past few years we have seen an increasing demand placed on late model clutch to clutch units, primarily as a result of how easily extra power can be harnessed with the pressing of a few buttons using an aftermarket programmer. In some cases the torque demands will double the factory requirements. When this is combined with the added torsional load of larger tire and wheels its easy to see why so many people are left with failure after failure.

This is where the GPZ friction material shines. This latest state of the art friction material was originally developed in commercial and industrial application where constant cycling caused premature wear and excessive heat.  While this friction material is incredibly resistant to extreme heat caused by high energy loading it also has a higher breakaway coefficients than any other friction material available today giving it an advanced shift feel. This clutch was also designed to have an extremely low compression rate which is critical in maintaining acceptable piston travel over time for the unit.

The desired endpoint / midpoint ratio remains constant even under increased energy for very smooth yet fast engagements, and on a clutch to clutch transmissions this is imperative. This  also shows excellent compliance to the reaction plate/ fluid interface and will conform to any surface imperfections for optimum performance.

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About GPZ:

Raybestos Powertrain GPZ friction plates greatly increase transmission performance and durability. This state-of-the-art friction material far exceeds OE material to withstand high stress, high temperatures and repeated cycling. GPZ plates outstanding performance benefits are perfect heavy-duty vehicles and high-stress driving. Testing of GPZ revolutionary friction material shows that it outperforms OE materials by as much as 20%. Plus, its performance improves as the power increases.


  • Withstands high horsepower
  • Greater torque capacity
  • Maintains piston travel
  • Optimum performance
  • Higher heat resistance
  • Smooth engagements
  • Enhanced shift feel


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in