5R110W Transmission GPZ TorqKit Performance Super Master Kit Raybestos Number RSKMAX-029 2008-2010.

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5R110W Transmission GPZ TorqKit Performance Super Master Kit Raybestos Number RSKMAX-029 2008-2010. Comes with Kolene Steels, GPZ and Red Stage-1 clutches. Use in high-stress diesels, towing, and enhanced performance applications with increased horsepower and torque.


The 5R110W Transmission Torqkit Performance Rebuild Kit 2008-2010 includes:

Intermediate Torqkit (5 GPZ frictions, 5 steels, 1 steel backing plate) RB RTK-5123

Overdrive Torqkit (5 GPZ, 4 Kolene, 2 steel apply plates, 1 Piston) RB RTK-5114

Forward/Direct Torqkit (1 Snap Ring, 6 GPZ, 5 Kolene, 2 steel apply plates, 1 Direct Piston) RB RTK-5111

Forward Torqkit (5 GPZ, 5 Kolene) RB RTK-5122

Low/Reverse MaxPak (6 Red Stage-1, 6 Kolene) RB RMAX-06

Coast MaxPak (3 Red Stage-1, 3 Kolene) RB RMAX-07

Internal Filter with seal. AT 166940A

External Bypass Filter with o-ring. AMZN ATP B-359, RB 515197

Overhaul Kit featuring OEM-style gasket with metal torque limiters. AT 166800X

Hi-Per Blue Piston Kit (8 pistons). Blue will be replaced with OE if blue isn’t available. SA 788, AT 166670

Bushing kit (16 bushings) TS 16030

Thrust Washer kit (6 thrust washers) TS 16200B


  • Added 5R110W clutch capacity in the Forward, Intermediate, Overdrive, and Direct clutch packs
  • GPZ friction material provides optimum 5R110W performance and withstands high horsepower
  • GPZ friction material provides high heat resistance and smooth engagements
  • Kolene steels work to enhance fatigue and wear resistance between to 200% and 500%
  • Hi-Per Blue molded rubber pistons provide superior thermal and chemical resistance, with better fit and performance
  • OEM-style reusable transmission pan gasket with metal torque limiters to prevent leaks


Built to maximize performance: this Raybestos Powertrain Ford 5R110W performance transmission rebuild kit includes GPZ TorqKits with additional clutch capacity in the Forward, Intermediate, Overdrive, and Direct clutches compared to the 5R110W transmission OE designs, Low/Reverse and Coast clutch Red Stage-1 MaxPaks, an internal and external filter, a performance overhaul kit, a Hi-Per Blue piston kit, bushing kit,and thrust washer kit. 1 additional GPZ forward plate, 2 additional GPZ intermediate plates, 2 additional overdrive GPZ plates, and 2 additional direct GPZ plates are utilized in our redesigned Torqkit clutch packs to deliver the competitive power and performance your hardworking 2008-ON Ford 5R110W transmission needs on the street, on the track, and off-road. Please see our complete 5R110W transmission performance rebuild kit contents listing above.


Nothing is more essential than replacing OE clutches in the 5R110W in order to increase your vehicle’s performance. With an enhanced shift feel, increased torque capacity, and smooth engagements, Raybestos Powertrain Torqkits are a great additional upgrade to 5R110W transmission performance rebuild kits and are designed to help tear up the drag strip, bust through the mud, and tow towards success. Raybestos Powertrain Torqkits feature Raybestos GPZ material, steel reaction plates, and a set of installation instructions. Raybestos Powertrain GPZ friction plates greatly increase 5R110W transmission performance and durability. This state-of-the-art friction material far exceeds OE material to withstand high stress, high temperatures and repeated cycling. GPZ’s outstanding performance benefits are perfect for heavy-duty vehicles and high-stress driving. Testing of GPZ revolutionary friction material shows that it can outperform certain OE application friction materials by as much as 20%. Plus, its performance improves as the power increases.


This 5R110W Transmission TorqKit Performance Super Master Kit 2008-On may fit but is not limited to the following vehicles:

Ford E-250 08-10

Ford E-350 08-10

Ford E-450 08-10

Ford F-250 08-10

Ford F-350 08-10

Ford F-450 08-10

Ford F-550 08-10

For the years 2003 to 2007, the filter is a toilet paper roll type. From late 2007 to 2010 it is a sealed metal canister that installs directly to the transmission case or to the vehicle underbody. In 2011, Ford shifted this filtration function to inside the case. Regardless of model year, this filter must be changed to avoid killing your recently rebuilt unit.


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