5R110W HT Clutch Module RHT96-218 2005-On. Hybrid Technology Clutch Module. Upgrades Available Her

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5R110W HT Clutch Module RHT96-218 2005-On. Hybrid Technology (HT) Clutch Module. Upgrades Available Her

Raybestos Powertrain’s innovative Hybrid Technology (HT) friction clutch plates deliver smoother shifts and more durability for every automatic transmission rebuild.

Features / Benefits: 

These HT friction plates outperform the OE with a proprietary blend of premium, high-energy friction material. High temperature durability; smooth shifts; hassle-free, drop-in replacement; and longer clutch and transmission life after rebuild.

Raybestos Powertrain proudly announces the introduction of Raybestos Hybrid Technology (HT) friction clutch plates. The new Raybestos HT plates merge the oil flow benefits of segmented friction plates with the strength and durability of a full wafer to achieve optimum fluid flow dynamics. “This is a breakthrough innovation for Raybestos friction clutch technology,” said David Coolidge, CEO of Raybestos Powertrain. “By combining optimum fluid flow with a new, industry leading friction material our testing proves we outperform OE materials by as much as 20%.”

The Raybestos HT series of plates is the next generation of friction clutch and is superior to the competition under a variety of conditions, and is competitively priced when compared to OE friction clutches. The Raybestos HT Plates will be available for a wide range of transmissions including those for GM, Ford, Chrysler and many imports. Raybestos HT friction plates will be offered separately in bulk or as part of a clutch pack module.

The Raybestos HT’s performance-enhancing features include:

  • Resistance to extreme heat caused by high-energy loading;
  • Enhanced shift feel thanks to its higher coefficient of friction and favourable E/M ratio;
  • Higher torque capacity than conventional high energy material;
  • Low material compression, a critical factor in maintaining piston travel;
  • Smooth yet quick engagements thanks to an endpoint/midpoint ratio that remains constant even under increased energy; and
  • Excellent compliance to the reaction plate/fluid interface.


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