4L80E Torque Converter Clutch Regulator Valve Kit

$ 25.00


4L80E Torque Converter Clutch Regulator Valve Kit

#2TCC. Some vehicles with a 4L80E transmission may exhibit the following problems: converter shudder, burned converters, no TCC clutch apply, and / or code 68 / 39 or P1870 / P0741. Often these complaints can be caused by the constant oscillation of the steel TCC regulator apply valve wearing the aluminum bore, resulting in a loss of converter apply oil pressure. This is a replacement TCC regulator apply valve kit that will prevent valve-bore related problems. $25.00

• Hard-anodized aluminum valve incorporates a Teflon® seal at the main wear area of the bore to prevent oil loss.

• The valve spool land at the spring end has been lengthened to provide greater bore-to-valve surface contact, thus further preventing leakage.

• The heavier spring provides OEM lockup feel. The lighter-duty spring provides a firmer lock-up, best suited for towing applications.

• The valve spool has annular grooves to help center the valve in the bore.

• A .030″ chamfer has been added to allow more line pressure into the TCC regulator apply circuit to prevent converter shudder.


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