4L80E Raybestos RFMAX-001 and RSMAX-001 Stage-1 Red Clutch and Kolene Steel Modules

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Stage-1™ MaxPak Friction Clutch Pack Module

4L80E Raybestos RFMAX-001 and RSMAX-001 Stage-1 Red Clutch and Kolene Steel Modules.

This Raybestos Powertrain MaxPak increases performance by adding more friction plates than OE. To further increase capacity, it also utilizes our Stage-1 Red Performance friction plates. Stage-1 Red Performance frictions handle the demands that a stock tan or high energy plate cannot by increasing holding capacity, while withstanding higher temperatures. NOTE: This module should be used with RSMAX-001 Kolene steel module. RFMAX-001 Stage-1 Red includes installation instructions. 1991-On 

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Add 4L80E Overhaul Kit AT 031804 ? *

Overhaul Kits (w/ Rings & Seals), 4L80E (w/o Bonded Piston) (1991-1996) (Fiber Pan Gasket)

Add 4L80E Overhaul Kit AT 031804A ? *

Overhaul Kits (w/ Rings & Seals), 4L80E (w/o Bonded Piston) (1997-Up) (Fiber Pan Gasket)

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14 Forward / Direct Red Clutches

5 Intermediate Red Clutches

5 Overdrive Red Clutches

3 Overrun Red Clutches

All Kolene Steels to match

5 Intermediate Kolene Steels

3 Overrun Kolene Steels

5 Overdrive Kolene Steels

10 Forward / Direct Kolene Steels

3 Forward Thin Kolene Steels

1 Intermediate Snap Ring

1 Forward / Direct Snap Ring

1 Direct Apply Plate # 5111151 .118″


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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 5 in