Number 34016-W 4L80E Extra Wide Front Stator Support Bushing, (4 BUSHINGS)

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#62F. 4L80E Extra Wide Front Stator Support Bushing. 4L80-E units may display no converter lock-up, code 68 or various ratio codes. Imbalance of torque converter clutch apply oil through the front stator support bushing contributes to this complaint. A journal clearance of .002″ or more will generate sufficient leakage to cause lock-up clutch slippage, causing the transmission to stay in third gear. Replace the worn out bushing with Sonnax’s 4L80-E Front Stator Support Bushing. Our replacement bushing was designed to reduce leakage by minimizing journal clearance and also increasing journal length. In some cases it may be necessary to hone the bushing I.D. slightly for proper fit due to stator shaft variations. One bushing.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in