4L80E Case Saver Retainer Sonnax Number 34762-20 1999-Up. Protects Lugs from Blow Out

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4L80E Case Saver Retainer Sonnax Number 34762-20, 1999-Up. Protects Case Lugs from Blow Out.

Sonnax case saver retainer 34762-20, for 1999-later GM 4L80E units is the only intermediate clutch retaining ring case saver that allows the intermediate band to be retained. This case saver fits over the intermediate band anchor lug inside the case and extends rearward to support the intermediate clutch backing plate retaining ring, preventing case lug blow out. There have been a variety of case saver designs over the years, however, all require eliminating the intermediate band as is often done in drag racing trans-brake applications. Only the Sonnax case saver retainer supports the intermediate clutch retaining ring, yet is thin enough to allow the intermediate band to be installed, allowing case lug protection in all applications.

  • Protects case lugs from blow out
  • Salvages cases with one or two blown lugs
  • Use with or without intermediate band

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in