* PCS 4L60E 4L80E 4R100 4R70W Simple Shift Transmission Controller

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4L60E 4L70E 4L80E AODE  Simple Shift transmission controller is your solution to stand alone transmission controllers. Simple Shift Carb Kit including TCU, Harness, and TPS Kit

# 4L60ESimpleShift. Don’t have a laptop? Don’t like computers? Want instant on the fly adjustability? Need an overdrive solution for that new LS conversion on your beast? Here you go, the Simple Shift transmission controller is your solution. This stand alone transmission controller is capable of operating your 4L60 / 65 / 70 electronically controlled transmission without the need for any complicated computer tuning. Shift speed, shift firmness, and converter lockup are all adjustable with just a simple twist of the dial on this controller. The settings offer 2 different logic settings both for part throttle and wide open throttle. When clicking on the thumbnails pictured left you will see this indicated as low / high which is relative to throttle angle. This controller comes complete with a factory grade wiring harness and all factory connecters. This is one of the easiest controller to install on the market today. The wiring harness you see pictured to left has all connectors clearly labeled for a hassle free installation. Using a separate TPS which stands for “Throttle Position Sensor”, is not needed on this controller with any fuel injected vehicle. The wiring harness already has the leads for the TPS sensor that would currently be used on the vehicle. If this is going on a carbureted vehicle you would want to add the TCM-6000 TPS kit listed below. The Simple Shift is the perfect solution if you simply want to use an overdrive electronic transmission in your project car, but don’t want to worry about the controller.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 7 in

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