22173D-01K 47RH 47RE 48RE Extreme Duty Output Shaft Kit. Number 22173D-01K

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Extreme Duty Output Shaft Kit

22173D-01K Sonnax extreme duty output shaft kit 22173D-01K is the ultimate solution for Chrysler 48RE shaft breakage, overcoming the limitations of the OE shaft with a unique combination of innovative engineering and quality materials. The small cross-section of the OE 23-spline shaft limits the benefit from stronger materials typically considered for improving OE weaknesses. The Sonnax shaft features a significantly larger diameter 29-spline shaft configuration that is based on the OE manual transmission spline. For use in 2003-2006 4WD models with NV271 or NV273 transfer cases.

  • High-strength alloy balances the toughness required for shaft strength with the deep case hardness required for the one-way clutch race that is an integral part of the shaft

  • Kit also includes a matching New Venture 271/273 input gear shortened to match the installation depth of the 48RE transmission


Requires transfer case disassembly.

Not for use in 2WD or earlier 47RE applications with NV241 transfer case.

Output Shaft with Bushings

Transfer Case Input Shaft 

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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