45RFE / 68RFE. Torque Converter Limit Spring (5). The torque converter limit valve spring in the 45RFE, 545RFE pump often breaks

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Sonnax Part Summary

#44912-02. The torque converter limit valve spring in the 45RFE, 545RFE pump often breaks, and is not serviced separately from OEM. This valve limits converter release pressure. A broken spring can cause the valve to become stuck and result in converter clutch release complaints. The improved design and high-quality material of the Sonnax spring 44912-02 will provide high allowable working stresses, preventing fatigue and breakage. Sonnax modifications to the spring design ensure that the critical operating load falls within the recommended design heights to maintain limiting pressure consistency and that the spring will accurately limit converter release pressure to 115-125 psi. (5 SPRINGS)

Features & Benefits:

  • Improved design and high quality material prevent fatigue and breakage.

  • New design limits converter release pressure 115-125 PSI.


    • Broken spring
    • Delayed engagement
    • Engine stall on engagement
    • Loss of power
    Converter release pressure is reduced when the torque converter limit spring breaks or becomes fatigued.
    Replace the weak or broken torque converter limit spring with a recalibrated, more durable Sonnax spring.

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