* 1996-2004 Mustang, Chevy SB Engine, Bolt In Motor Mount Adapter, SBC High Performance

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1996-2004 Mustang, Chevy SB Engine, Bolt In Motor Mount Adapter, SBC High Performance.

Bolt a small block Chevy into your Mustang!

G-Force Performance has developed a bolt-in motor mount adapter to put a small block Chevy in your 96-04 Mustang. This adapter bolts to the factory k member, and retains all the structural integrity that was designed into your factory chassis. What this means for you is a simple conversion that allows your car to be fully street-able, without worrying about an expensive aftermarket tube k member falling victim to potholes and other road hazards. Combine this with our G Force billet aluminum transmission crossmember and you have an engine swap kit that takes the guessing out of how it will fit. Order yours today, or call G-Force Performance and ask the tech department about other model year applications. Experience how this G-Force Performance motor mount adapter will save you time and money with this popular motor swap!

***Made in the USA!!!***

installation tips:

This G Force original is a simple bolt-in motor mount adapter to facilitate easy installation of a Chevrolet small block v8 into your 1984-2004 Ford Mustang, utilizing the stock OEM k-member and retaining the structural integrity that makes this such a popular platform.

The G Force motor mount adapter is comprised of 3 basic components, a k-member adapter that bolts to the k-member replacing the original motor mounts, and two motor mount blocks that are designed to accept the SBC motor mount. All necessary hardware is provided to assemble the adapter and to bolt the assembly to the factory k-member.

The first step for installing this adapter is to loosely assemble the motor mount blocks to the k-member adapter. The adapter is slotted, allowing rotational adjustment and centering of the assembly. To further explain: with the SBC secured on your engine stand, bolt the loosely assembled adapter to your engine. Slide the motor mount blocks within the slots on k-member adapter until the bottom of the adapter is parallel to the engine block, then tighten the motor mount block bolts. Then remove the horizontal motor mount bolts, removing the G Force adapter, in preparation for installation into your vehicle.

Position the assembled G Force adapter with the motor mount blocks towards the front of the vehicle. Insert the provided Grade 8 hardware through the adapter and k-member, threading to the provided captive nut plates. Tighten to draw the assemble securely to the k-member, and then loosen to a snug assembly. This will allow front to back adjustment of your drivetrain as needed.

At this point you are ready to position your SBC over the installed G Force adapter, and insert the horizontal motor mount bolt and nut assembly, and tighten. Note: this installation can be done with or without your transmission bolted to the engine, but always properly secure the rear of your drivetrain before releasing all weight onto the motor mounts.

The G Force adapter is designed with front to back adjustment to allow use of the large OEM HEI distributors, or small aftermarket distributors. Slight notching of the horizontal panel seam on the firewall may be necessary. Once you have established front to back positioning, fully tighten the bolts that secure the G Force adapter to the k-member.

The G Force adapter will clear a stock oil pan and a stock mechanical fuel pump, without any modification of the Mustang chassis or rack and pinion steering assembly. Larger oil pans can be utilized, with slight modification of the k-member gussets. It is important to remember that OEM components are provided with design features in mind, and any modifications must be met with consideration of structural integrity and reinforcements implemented as a replacement.

Any and all modifications are done at risk of injury or death, and the installer assumes all liability.


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