* 10L80 10L90 10R80 Transmissions E Clutch Power Pack with G3 Clutches and Performance Steels 2017-On

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10L80 10L90 10R80 Transmissions E Clutch Power Pack with G3 Clutches and Performance Steels 2017-On. Alto Red Eagle invented Performance material but G3 revolutionized it. G3 Friction Material is our highest energy material available. It was engineered to meet the demands of high horsepower diesel performance market. The friction material is specially formulated with graphitic carbon-based particles for minimizing wear and maximizing heat resistance. G3 is engineered to be the most durable product for high horsepower high torque applications. Performance Steels is run through our proprietary process of polishing to lower and reduce the range of the Ra value. The Performance Steel improves shiftability while maintaining maintaining increased heat resistance and lubricity.

Alto G3 Friction Material Summary:
• Higher torque capacity
• Improved shift feel, less noise, lower vibration (NVH)
• Consistent performance despite vehicle use (heavy load, towing, etc.) and driver style
• Higher Energy capacity
• Reduced clutch burn out

Performance Steel Facts:

• The surface of a steel plates is measured in Roughness (average) commonly known as Ra
• Most steel plates have a commercial surface finish of 15 to 25 micro inches (µin).
• This surface viewed by eye looks smooth but under a microscope has many peaks and valleys and has a rough finish.

• Alto’s surface refinement process controls the surface finish.
• Lowers the average Ra value to a range of 2 to 10 µin.
• Reduces the peak Ra values while reducing the overall variation in Ra.

Performance Steel Advantages Vs Kolene:

• Minimizes damage for the clutch housing or transmission case
• Eliminates discoloration / contamination of oil
• Provides a uniform appearance
• Reduces brittleness of the clutch


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