*TORQUE CONVERTER 700R4 EARLY 4L60E 200-4R “Street Raptor” B15 or B29 Number 1

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TORQUE CONVERTER, 700R4 / EARLY 4L60E / 200-4R, “Street Raptor” B15 / B29 # 1.


  ” Street Raptor ” Fits 700R4, 200-4R and early 4L60E transmissions (1982-1997). This heavy duty balanced converter has furnace brazed fins and added strength. If you have a problem with your fins coming loose this is the way to go. This converter stalls at 2300 to 2500 RPM and gives a faster launch than a stock converter. Also comes in 1700 and 2000 stall speeds. Rated up to 350 horse power. Furnace brazing laminates the complete turbine shell. This effectively makes your converter one piece, leaving no weak links in your converter to cause a converter failure.

200-4R transmissions and 1982 / 1983 700R4 transmissions have a 27 spline input shaft. Vary few early 1984 700R4 transmissions have a 27 spline input shaft. All 4L60E transmissions through 1997 have the same 30 spline input shaft as 1984-1993 700R4 transmissions. 1998-2000 4L60E transmissions may or may not have the same input shaft as a 1984-1993 700R4 transmission. This torque converter will not work with a LS type motor, except a C5 Corvette will work. The 1200 and 1400 stall speeds are for Diesel engines.

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 9 in