Level 4 TH400 Mega Raptor

  TH400  Level 4 – “ 400 Mega Raptor ”

The level 4 high performance TH400 transmission comes with a Fairbanks TransAction Shift Kit for firmer shifts and more holding force on all the clutches. The front band is replaced with a wide Alto Black band. The stock intermediate sprag is replaced with a 36 element sprag with over twice the holding power of the stock 34 element sprag. Some of the other features are Kolene Steels and Red Eagle Power Packs in all three clutch sets, extra hard input shaft and drum, an extra hard forward clutch hub with thrust bearings, a center support brace to prevent case lug blow- out. Your choice of 2.75 or 2.97 to 1 first gear ratio, plus the intermediate clutch piston has been replaced with a larger piston for a 9% increase in apply force. The intermediate shaft has been changed to a 300 Maraging steel shaft to prevent breakage. You get your choice of a 4 inch or 9 inch tail housings plus your choice of three different length 4WD output shafts. All transmissions come with a free PATC shirt. Good for motors over 1200 horse power.

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