Level 2 700R4 Raptor Jr.

 “700 Raptor Junior”

  Level 2 700R4. This transmission comes with a high performance Superior intermediate billet servo that has 35% more holding power than a Corvette servo. It will give a firmer 1-2 and 2-3 shift. It also has a high performance Superior overdrive billet servo with 50% more holding power than the stock overdrive servo. This servo gives a firmer 3-4 shift. Our level two 700R4 comes with “The Beast” reaction shell, the Mega Valve and an oversize low / reverse boost valve, these two valve produce higher pressure and firmer shifts with more holding power. Now you can buy a 700 Raptor Junior transmission with the #30 Wake Up Kit installed (numbers 1-3X-4-28), Alto Carbonite PowerBand with thicker hardened anchors that holds in second and overdrive, and the #1 Street Raptor torque converter for the price shown below. This transmission by itself is better than most of the other high performance 700R4’s on the market today. This transmission is for any type high performance / heavy duty use up to 500 horse power / 400 torque (500 with Raptor Drive package) using pump gasoline. See ratings chart below. Add torque converter and Raptor Drive upgrades if needed. Some of the upgrades to the 700 Raptor Junior below, don’t settle for less.