Level 5 4L60E/4L65E/4L70E

<img src=”https://transmissioncenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/0_Chevy-Bowtie-3663.gif” width=”88″ height=”110″ /> 4L60E Level 5 “Extreme Raptor”

<img src=”https://transmissioncenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/PATC22bmp.jpg” />  We have many reports of the Level 5 Extreme Raptor transmission holding  over 1000 horse power.

Every man has dreamed of it, thought about it, and even vision himself doing it. The build all of all build all’s. The time in your life when the kids are gone, wife is set up in her house like she wants, and you have some extra cash. It’s time to build your dream car, and today we are designing a gear head’s dream transmission. The transmission we always dreamed about, the transmission with the best of the best. The transmission you know nobody has ever developed before. On this date 03-29-12 nobody in the world has the transmission parts available to build this but us. With the release of the new Smart Tech Input Drum we are proud to present this new development to you.

“When designing this transmission we were given the Carte Blanche by Turbo Don our Owner and Founder, we were told we did not have any budget guidelines but it has to handle 800 hp reliably. We are living vicariously through somebody else’s checkbook. Is there a better job?” – PATC Development Team.

Available now the level 5 Extreme Raptor Transmission, the worlds fastest strongest 700R4 / 4L60E transmissions – Stronger because it has the “Smart Tech Input Drum” – This drum is able to use 9 Red Eagle clutches and 8 full thickness Kolene steels with a special ZERO-FLEX backing plate – This was never possible before – Faster because it has our PATC “Power Gear” planetary – This planet gear has the correct gear ratios so you don’t get the usual RPM / power drop-off between first and second gears – This gearing will lower your quarter mile time by 3/10 to 5/10 of a second – “Thirty years in the making, these where the last two parts needed to make the 700R4 / 4L60E truly awesome transmissions” – This transmission is able to handle extreme horse power, higher than any other 700R4 / 4L60E transmission ever built before.

This transmission has broken all the rules and all the records. After 30 years of research, development, and destruction the COMPLETE solution has arrived for the 700R4 / 4L60E platform. We have 14 major design changes that have been performed on this transmission. We have always wanted a 700R4 / 4L60E that could handle insane power reliably. It has arrived Ladies and Gentlemen.

Our 1st area we wanted to address is the gear ratios in this platform. From the factory we are faced with a 3.06 1st gear ratio and a 1.63 2nd. When the 700R4 was 1st designed the V8’s were packing a measly 180hp from the factory, so when combined with a 4,500 lb vehicle the 3.06 1st gear worked great. Fast forward to today when a 500hp daily driven street car is the norm and you soon realize that you blow through 1st gear rather quickly and just blow the tires off. Then you hit 2nd gear and you see this large RPM drop and high horsepower vehicles are at a lower part of the engine efficiency. This is exaggerated even more with the addition of larger camshafts with tighter lobe separation angles and you soon find yourself trying to shift later out of 1st so your drop isn’t as low coming into 2nd where you have very little port velocity. So we are faced with a 1st gear that is useless and a 2nd gear that initially lugs our engine. We were sick of this and said we will not let this be an issue in our dream transmission. We changed the gear ratio on this transmission from the factory 3.06 1st gear to a 2.84 1st gear. We took 2nd gear and changed it to 1.57 vs. a stock 1.63. We achieved this with our 6 pinion front planet. This is the 1st time we have ever offered this planet set in a transmission.

We then moved to the rear planet replacing the pathetic 4 pinion factory style planet with our NEW rear 5 pinion planet. These planets have 25% more load carrying ability. Keep in mind GM felt the need to turn to this planet in 2002 with the y-body and made it standard on all LQ9 equipped trucks. These vehicles only came with 345hp and 385 ft lbs of torque with loads of torque management programmed in from the factory. You can imagine the added production cost involved in adding these. Bottom line we did the right thing here yet again.

Ahhh, the infamous 3-4 clutch. This has been a headache on this platform for too many years. We have many arguments, debates, and even fights over this clutch pack. We have seen clutch solutions from mild to wild, while nobody really looked at the real issue, deflection in the drum. How many of us have air checked our input drum at 60-100 psi and seen the bending and flexing of the plate and snap ring? This deflection can and will lead to coning within the 3/4 clutch pack which always cause premature failure. This was most apparent within the industry when General Motors modified the clutch pack in 2006. When the LS2 platform was released in the Trailblazer SS GM added another clutch to the set-up to try to end all of there woes. While adding another clutch to the 4L70E did help improve the life, the problem didn’t go away. At this point in development GM already had the 6 speed 6L80 sitting in the y-body that year and further development ceased. This is where we picked up. We knew that our last obstacle was making the 3/4 clutch survive for more than half a race season. Fast forward to today and we are proud to present the last piece of the puzzle. With the new Smart Tech drum we were able to finally solve the issue with deflection with in the 3-4 clutch pack. This allowed us to not only get radical with our pressure apply rates (no coning) but it also allowed us to no longer worry about the end of the drum blowing out under extreme conditions. This gives us the ability to have tremendous clamping load within the drum. We were also able to achieve more clearance with the new design pushing our clutch count to an astounding 9 Red Eagle full thickness double sided clutches and 8 FULL THICKNESS Kolene coated heat treat steels. End result, is a drum that can withstand tremendous apply force, incredible clamping load, additional clutches and absolutely no deflection in the 3/4 clutch pack. If we had the option this drum would go in every single transmission we build here, but at $500 a pop, it is only an additional option on our level 2, 3 and 4 700R4 / 4L60E transmissions. Bottom line, this is the end all of all end alls for our 3-4 clutch pack woes.

Every single component of this transmission has been over engineered. This transmission is ready for anything you could possibly throw at it. Whether it’s your supercharged H2 Hummer with oversized tires or your twin turbo’d C5 Corvette. There’s NO OTHER transmission on earth built to this magnitude. Our level 5 Extreme Raptor has left no stone unturned and no expense spared. “Thirty years in the making, these where the last two parts needed to make the 700R4 / 4L60E truly an awesome transmission” (#2 & #3 below). Lets take a look at our build in detail.

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