Level 3 E4OD/4R100

E4OD / 4R100 Level 3

Let us turn your E4OD / 4R100 transmission into a much stronger transmission. This transmission comes with a high performance Transgo Shift-Kit and Sonnax Power Valve for a better shift. Extra Alto Red Eagle clutches are added for more holding power. An updated center support, overdrive spiral snap ring, stay put filter clip and other updates are installed. The 34 element intermediate sprag is replaced with a 45 element sprag. Now with a 1995 up type pump and a carbon fiber band. This package deal comes with a high performance / heavy duty triple clutch converter, Gas or Diesel, with your choice of stall speeds up to 2800 RPM on gas models. This Converter is a multi disk design with three friction surfaces. This transmission is good for towing, motor homes, snow plowing, 4WD, high performance and others.

We sold one of these to Ace Transportation (a national hot shot company) who had a 4R100 in a 2001 one ton fail after only 80,000 miles. They came back four years later with 277,000 miles on our transmission for a second level 3 Enforcer. Our transmission outlasted the new factory transmission 3 1/2 to 1.