Level 3 46RE/46RH/518

 The level 3 Mega Viper transmission comes with all four sets of Alto Red Eagle clutches and Kolene steels plus a direct clutch PowerPack, high capacity 5 clutch direct clutch drum, a Fairbanks TransAction Kit, performance 3-4 accumulator spring for a firmer shift into overdrive, high performance low / reverse servo, performance intermediate servo cover, Mopar 5 to 1 intermediate band apply lever (4.2 gas) giving an extra 31% torque holding capacity in second gear on diesel models, extreme duty brass impregnated carbon fiber flex band and a heavy duty intermediate band strut, Sonnax Billet Aluminum 4 Ring Accumulator Piston, Sonnax 16% Oversize Intermediate Servo with Cover and the Power Wedge Intermediate Band Anchor. A special manual valve allows converter fluid charge in park. It has the stronger Mega Spring for overdrive direct clutch apply with more holding power in reverse, 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The heavy duty / high performance torque converter that comes with this package deal can be ordered in stall speeds up to 2800 RPM for gas motors. The diesel transmission comes with our triple clutch billet converter and billet input shaft. This transmission (518, 46 RH / RE) is good for any type heavy duty / high performance use up to 700 HP (gas) with 6V option using pump gasoline, towing, 4WD, high performance and others. The Mega Viper transmission has 14 major performance upgrades (15 on diesel).

This transmission can be built for both gas and diesel applications. This transmission can be installed in the place of a 3 speed transmission in older non-computer cars and trucks for a 30 to 40% increase in gas mileage on the road.